SAL7319, Act: R°15.7 (128 of 2898)
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Act R°15.7  
Date: 1424-07-03


2019-11-16 by Transkribus Software
It(em) nycolaus d(i)c(t)us voeght (com)mor(ans) mechlunee et beatrix ei(us)/
ux(or) recog(noverunt) se debe(re) ind(ivisim) nycolao et ro(m)moldo d(i)c(t)is voeght eor(um)/
filijs xxv libr(as) grossor(um) tur(onensium) veter(um) ad mo(nicionem) Et p(re)t(erea) fa(mu)[los]/
(con)d(uctos) ca(pelle)[ma(n)] wante jul(ii) iii De(betur) f(acere)? p(re)d(i)c(t)is fil(iis)
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