SAL7319, Act: R°17.1 (145 of 2898)
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Act R°17.1  
Date: 1424-06-30


2019-11-14 by Transkribus Software
Ite(m) vill(icus) lov(aniensis) med(iantibus) scab(inis) lov(aniensibus) add(uxit) r(aci)o(n)e do(min)[ii] ad bo(na) subsc(ri)pta kat(harinam) f(iliam) na(tura)lem/
henr(ici) q(uon)d(am) d(i)c(t)i manpat ad bo(na) subsc(ri)pta eiusd(em) q(uon)d(am) henr(ici) sui p(at)ris vide(licet) ad/
una(m) pecia(m) t(er)re p(ro)ut sit(a) est ad locu(m) d(i)c(tu)m v(er)loe(re)n cost int(er) bo(na) joh(ann)is/
reymaer ab ut(ra)q(ue) p(ar)te ac in p(ro)x(imo) bonis walt(er)i reymaer f(rat)ris d(i)c(t)i/
joh(ann)is p(ro) de(bi)[to] illo vide(licet) centu(m) cor(onarum) fran(cie) in quo (Et) h(ab)uit q(ue)rel(as)/
op(pendorp) walt(er)i calstr(is) junii ulti(m)a
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