SAL7319, Act: R°203.3 (1710 of 2896)
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Act R°203.3  
Date: 1425-01-15


2020-06-18 by Transkribus Software
Item joh(ann)es mychart de fral frankengnez promisit colardo/
d(i)c(t)o tulvenne nove(m) modios silig(inis) t(re)censual(is) lov(aniensis) pag(abilis) mensu(r)e/
lovan(iensis) t(er)tia(m) p(ar)te(m) ad andr(ee) p(ro)x(ime) t(er)tia(m) p(ar)te(m) ad andree seq(uens)/
et ult(imam) t(er)tia(m) p(ar)te(m) ad andree subseq(uens) p(er)sol(vendam) (et) apud lov(anium)/
ad do(mu)[m] mansionis d(i)c(t)i colardi quoli(bet) ass(ecutu)m borch(oven) opp(endorp) ja(nuarii) xv
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