SAL7319, Act: R°205.2 (1729 of 2898)
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Act R°205.2  
Date: 1425-01-18


2020-06-12 by Transkribus Software
It(em) joh(ann)es d(i)c(t)us ke(m)me(re) fam(u)l(u)s opidi lovan(iensi)promisit nycholao d(i)c(t)o bruynkens/
iii(½) cor (onas) fran(cie) vide(licet) lx pl(accis) pro una cor(ona) co(m)put(atis) q(ua)rta(m) p(ar)te(m) exin(de) ad joh(ann)is bap(tis)[te] p(ro)xim(e)/
q(ua)rta(m) p(ar)te(m) ad nat(a)le seq(uen)s q(ua)rta(m) p(ar)te(m) ad pascha subseq(uen)s (et) ult(imam) q(ua)rta(m) p(ar)te(m) ad joh(ann)is/
q(uo)d subseq(ui)t(ur) p(er)sol(vendam) q(uo)libet ass(ecutu)[m] ca(pelle)[man] wante ja(nuarii) xviii
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