SAL7319, Act: R°313.5 (2622 of 2911)
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Act R°313.5  
Date: 1425-05-23


2020-11-06 by Transkribus Software
Item d(i)c(t)us gerard(us) vendid(it) d(i)c(t)a bona Imp(ositus) iudoc(us) absoloens no(m)i(n)e/
et ad op(us) sex missar(um) quas d(omin)us hub(er)tus q(uon)d(am) de aquis [p(res)b(ite)r] ordinav(er)at/
qualibet ebdomada in capella dom(us) s(an)c(t)e barbare celebrand(arum) infutur(um)/
p(er) borch(oven) op(pendorp) ca neth(enen) calstr(is) maii xxiii
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