SAL7319, Act: V°101.5 (885 of 2904)
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Act V°101.5  
Date: 1424-10-06


2020-01-26 by Transkribus Software
Ite(m) balduin(us) vand(er) donc p(ro)mis(it) walt(er)o ridde(re) face(re) duas pe(regrinati)[o(n)es]/
vide(licet) una(m) ad s(an)c(tu)m iudocu(m) sup(ra) ma(r)e (et) alia(m) ad tres reges/
in colonia et via(m) p(ri)me pe(re)g(ri)nat(i)o(n)is arripe(re) inf(ra) xl dies p(ro)x(ime)/
ventur(os) (et) via(m) reliq(uam) pe(re)g(ri)nat(i)o(n)is arripe(re) jnf(ra) xl dies p(ost)q(uam) de/
p(ri)ma rev(er)s[(us)] fu(er)it (Et) de qualibet bo(na)m v(er)i(ta)[tem] inde apporta(r)e in eme(n)da(m)/
...? [... p(re)d(i)c(t)o walt(er)o de eisde(m) (con)...?] neth(enen) calstr(is) oct(obris) ix vide(licet) in die dyonisii
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