SAL7319, Act: V°110.3 (946 of 2876)
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Act V°110.3  
Date: 1424-10-16


2020-03-19 by Transkribus Software
Item vill(icus) lov(aniensis) median(tibus) scab(inis) lov(aniensibus) add(uxit) andram d(i)c(tu)m lauwereys f(a)c(t)orem/
armor(um) ad do(mu)[m] om(n)ia (et) sin(gu)[la] bona mo(bi)[lia] joh(ann)is d(i)c(t)i ke(m)me(re) fa(mu)[li] op(idi) lovan(iensis)/
ubicu(m)q(ue) locor(um) sit(a) (con)sistunt aut quocu(m)q(ue) no(m)i(n)e censeant(ur) pro de(bi)[to] illo vide(licet)/
sex cor(onarum) fran(cie) levis ponder(is) p(ro)nu(n)c (commun)iter in bursa current(is) in quo nethen(en)/
vynck octobr(is) xvi
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