SAL7319, Act: V°152.4 (1264 of 2922)
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Act V°152.4  
Date: 1424-12-01


2020-05-11 by Transkribus Software
Item d(i)c(t)us m(ar)tin(us) promisit satisface(re) et war(andizare) sub vii solid(is) iiii[or] [duob(us)]/
denar(iis) duob(us) cap(onibus) antiq(ui) cens(us) xxxii libr(is) a(n)nui cens(us) c(ur)rent(is) ac iiii[or]/
cor(onis) fran(cie) [iusti ponder(is)] he(re)d(itarii) cens(us) quos [quosquid(em) iiii[or] cor(onas) fran(cie)] d(i)c(t)us wil(he)lm(us) p(ri)us h(ab)ebat ad bona p(re)d(i)c(t)a/
tamq(uam) Insup(er) p(ro)misit d(i)c(t)us m(ar)tin(us) ma(r)iam ei(us) filiam a(n)nis mi(n)orem/
in h(oc) p(ro)sta(r)e cu(m) ad de(bi)[ta(m)] p(er)ven(er)it etate(m) q(uod) iamtu(n)c d(i)c(t)o wil(he)lmo de/
p(re)miss(is) si(mi)l(ite)r sat(is)f(aciet) cor(am) eisdem calstr(is) vynck dec(embris) p(ri)ma
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