SAL7319, Act: V°19.6 (173 of 2873)
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Act V°19.6  
Date: 1424-07-06


2019-11-08 by Transkribus Software
Ite(m) wil(he)lm(u)s vande(n) opstalle de herssele recog(novit) se debe(re) joh(ann)i vande(n)/
opstalle suo filio p(ri)[(us)] emancip(ato) henrico d(i)c(t)o moeyen (con)sanguineo/
p(re)d(i)c(t)i wil(he)lmi egidio d(i)c(t)o rademake(re) de herssele [(et)] ar(noldo) d(i)c(t)o/
lodekens de herssele ii[c] cor(onas) fran(cie) aur(eas) Et p(re)t(erea) fa(mu)[lu(m)] (con)d(uctum) borch(oven)/
calstr(is) jul(ii) vi s(ibi)ip(s)i
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