SAL7319, Act: V°242.3 (2071 of 2898)
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Act V°242.3  
Date: 1425-03-03


2020-07-31 by Transkribus Software
Item henr(icus) d(i)c(t)us mertens filius m(ar)tini d(i)c(t)i m(er)tens de ned(er)wynde [ned(er)hespen] in/
p(rese)ncia quit(avit) exp(re)sse iamd(i)c(tu)m m(ar)tinu(m) suu(m) p(at)rem de om(n)ib(us) (et) sin(gu)[l(is)] de(bi)[t(is)]/
p(ro)miss(ionibus) (con)dit(i)o(n)ib(us) m(at)rib m(at)rimonialib(us) (con)ve(n)t(i)o(n)ib(us) pet(iti)o(n)ib(us) bonor(um) act(i)onib(us)/
q(ue)rel(is) caus(is) (et) reb(us) quibuscu(m)q(ue) in q(ui)bus d(i)c(t)us m(ar)tin(us) p(re)fato hen(ri)[co]/
suo filio tene(r)i pot(er)at quacu(m)q(ue) de causa hoc fu(er)it usq(ue) in diem/
hodiernu(m) Recog(noscens) sat(is)f(a)c(tu)m Promittens nullat(enus) alloqui (et) in melio(r)i/
forma ca(pelle)[ma(n)] wante m(ar)tii iii
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