SAL7319, Act: V°283.5 (2371 of 2904)
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Act V°283.5  
Date: 1425-04-25


2020-09-15 by Transkribus Software
Item d(i)c(t)us tres triestra(m)m(us) promis(it) d(i)c(t)o ger(ardo) de dyeve(n) d(i)c(t)e elis(abeth) [kath(er)ine] rel(i)c(t)e/
wil(he)lmi q(uon)d(am) de molle et ger(ardo) de dyeve(n) suo genero aut alt(er)i x cor(onas) fran(cie) iusti/
ponder(is) me(dia)[tim] ad andree ap(osto)li q(uo)d erit a(n)no d(omi)ni mill(esi)mo cccc[mo] xxvii (et) me(dia)[tim]/
ad andree dein(de) inme(dia)[te] seq(uen)s p(er)sol(vendas) quol(ibet) ass(ecutu)[m] Et p(ro)inde oblig(avit) d(i)c(t)a bona cor(am) eisde(m)
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