SAL7319, Act: V°72.2 (614 of 2898)
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Act V°72.2  
Date: 1424-08-23


2019-11-19 by Transkribus Software
Item gerardus d(i)c(t)us vande(n) putte pistor promisit wil(he)lmo colve duos/
modios silig(inis) pag(abilis) mensu(r)e lov(aniensis) ad andree p(ro)xim(e) p(er)sol(vendos) (et) apud lov(anium) deliber(andos)/
t(am)q(uam) ass(ecutu)[m] sub bandone di(mi)dii modii silig(inis) mensu(r)e lov(aniensis) d(omi)no duci braban(tie)/
p(er)solvend(o) oppend(orp) walt(er)i calstr(is) aug(usti) xxiii
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