SAL7319, Act: V°82.1 (702 of 2876)
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Act V°82.1  
Date: 1424-09-07


2020-03-02 by Transkribus Software
Item joh(ann)es d(i)c(t)us vand(er) straten iunior filius joh(ann)is vander strate(n) de cortbeke/
ov(er)loe sup(er)port(avit) cu(m) de(bi)[ta] eff(estucatione) domu(m) cu(m) una pecia curt(is) (con)tinent(em) xxxii v(ir)gas/
et suis p(er)t(inentiis) univ(er)s(is) sit(am) in hoelstrata sup(ra) conu(m) vici d(i)c(t)i gord roelofs strate int(er)/
eunde(m) conu(m) in et bona elis(abeth) d(i)c(t)e roelofs Expo(s)ito [vacat]/
in d(i)c(t)is bonis mo(do) de(bi)[to] impo(s)it(o) (et) investit(os) p(er)
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