Register SAL7613

Authors and Contributors
  • kristiaan magnus (Transcription)
  • pieter-jan lahaye (Transcription)
  • The Administrator (Indexing)
Date of Publication:2015-08-03
Last Update:2015-08-03
Number of Folios:483
Number of Images:980
Indexed acts:172
Transcribed acts:169
Index pages:473R°, 473V°, 474R°, 474V°, 475R°, 475V°, 476R°, 476V°, 477R°, 477V°, 478R°, 478V°, 479R°, 479V°, 480R°, 480V°, 481R°, 481V°, 482R°, 482V°, 483R°

Aldermen Year:1730
Index of Aldermen: