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      Date of Publication:2015-08-04
      Last Update:2015-08-04
      Number of Folios:462
      Number of Images:944
      Indexed acts:0
      Transcribed acts:0
      Index pages:449R°, 449V°, 450R°, 450V°, 451R°, 451V°, 452R°, 452V°, 453R°, 453V°, 454R°, 454V°, 455R°, 455V°, 456R°, 456V°, 457R°, 457V°, 458R°, 458V°, 459R°, 459V°, 460R°, 460V°, 461R°, 461V°, 462R°, 462V°

      Aldermen Year:1735
      Index of Aldermen:
        Aldermen Year:1736
        Index of Aldermen: