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      Date of Publication:2015-08-04
      Last Update:2015-08-04
      Number of Folios:604
      Number of Images:1218
      Indexed acts:0
      Transcribed acts:0
      Index pages:591V°, 592R°, 592V°, 593R°, 593V°, 594R°, 594V°, 595R°, 595V°, 596R°, 596V°, 597R°, 597V°, 598R°, 598V°, 599R°, 599V°, 600R°, 600V°, 601R°, 601V°, 602R°, 602V°, 603R°, 603V°, 604R°

      Aldermen Year:1743
      Index of Aldermen:
        Aldermen Year:1744
        Index of Aldermen: