Register SAL8339

Authors and Contributors
    • The Administrator (Indexing)
    • Jos Jonckheer (Indexing)
    Date of Publication:2015-07-23
    Last Update:2015-07-23
    Number of Folios:471
    Number of Images:948
    Indexed acts:127
    Transcribed acts:0
    Index pages:461R°, 461V°, 462R°, 462V°, 463R°, 463V°, 464R°, 464V°, 465R°, 465V°, 466R°, 466V°, 467R°, 467V°, 468R°, 468V°, 469R°, 469V°, 470R°, 470V°, 471R°

    Aldermen Year:1750
    Index of Aldermen: