Register SAL8350

Authors and Contributors
  • kristiaan magnus (Transcription)
  • Yves Sergeant (Transcription)
  • Agata Dierick (Indexing)
Date of Publication:2015-07-23
Last Update:2015-07-23
Number of Folios:523
Number of Images:1052
Indexed acts:287
Transcribed acts:20
Index pages:509R°, 509V°, 510R°, 510V°, 511R°, 511V°, 512R°, 512V°, 513R°, 513V°, 514R°, 514V°, 515R°, 515V°, 516R°, 516V°, 517R°, 517V°, 518R°, 518V°, 519R°, 519V°, 520R°, 520V°

Aldermen Year:1760
Index of Aldermen: