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Annotation tool
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Please mark a region of the image!Close Image ToolsOpen Image ToolsError! Please try again!Cropping image! Please wait...Saving Data! Please wait...Data have been successful removed!Data have been successful updated!Please insert a keyword/ transcription into the input field and select a category!Data have been saved!Updating Data! Please wait...Sending Request! Please wait...Please insert a comment into the input field!The Annotation has been released!Your request has been sent to the moderator!Do you really want to delete this annotation?Do you really want to delete this surface?Please select a surface of an annotation to edit it!Editmode:<br/> If you choose to create an annotation, please insert the annotation text into the input field. Then click the 'save' button to create a private annotation.Selectmode:<br/> Move the mouse over the viewport and use the left mouse button to select an area of the charter image. Then you are able to create an annotation (click on the button 'create annotation').Viewmode:<br/> If you move your mouse over the viewport, you are able to see private and public annotations. Moreover if you move your mouse over the annotations, the text of the annotation and a toolbar will appear. The toolbar of a private annotation has buttons to edit, delete and publish the annotation. If you disagree with a public annotation, you have got a function to contact a moderator and send a report.