SAL7319, Act: R°130.5 (1085 of 2876)
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Act R°130.5  
Date: 1424-11-04


2020-03-22 by Transkribus Software
Item d(omin)us lud(ovicus) py(n)noc miles recog(novit) se debe(re) joh(ann)i py(n)noc suo avu(n)culo joh(ann)i py(n)noc iunio(r)i filio/
eiusd(em) joh(ann)is et jacobo ex lye(ming)[en] filio nycolai ex lye(ming)[en] v[c] libr(as) gross(orum) tur(onensium) veter(um) ad mo(nitionem)/
Et p(re)t(erea) fa(mu)[lu(m)] (con)d(uctum) calstr(is) wante nove(m)br(is) iiii s(ibi)ip(s)i
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