SAL7319, Act: R°130.6 (1086 of 2876)
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Act R°130.6  
Date: 1425-01-29


2020-03-22 by Transkribus Software
Item d(i)c(t)us d(omin)us lud(ovicus) (con)sensit cor(am) scab(inis) lov(aniensibus) subsc(ri)pt(is) si ip(s)e d(omin)us lud(ovicus) decess(er)it q(uod) p(re)d(i)c(t)a l(itte)ra/
dabi(tur) d(i)c(t)o jacobo ex lye(ming)[en] sed si redierit de exercitu p(rese)nti i(m)p(eriali) in illo casu an(te)d(i)c(t)a l(itte)ra/
redda(tur) s(ibi)ip(s)i borch(oven) calstr(is) ja(nuarii) xxix
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