SAL7319, Act: R°149.2 (1228 of 2881)
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Act R°149.2  
Date: 1424-11-27


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Ite(m) wil(he)lm(u)s de ophem (com)mor(ans) apud rode p(ro)pe cortelke quit(avit) exp(re)sse joh(ann)em/
[alboem (et)] m(ar)ga(r)eta(m) rel(i)c(t)am henr(ici) q(uon)d(am) alboeme [f(rat)ris d(i)c(t)i joh(ann)is] de om(n)ib(us) (et) sin(gu)l(is) de(bi)[t(is)] p(ro)miss(ionibus) cond(itionibus) co(n)ve(n)t(ionibus)/
act(ionibus) q(ue)rel(is) caus(is) (et) reb(us) quibuscu(m)q(ue) in quib(us) d(i)c(t)i joh(ann)es (et) m(ar)g(areta) p(re)fato wil(he)lmo/
tene(r)i pot(erant) in melio(r)i for(ma)
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