SAL7319, Act: R°200.3 (1683 of 2897)
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Act R°200.3  
Date: 1425-01-13


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It(em) d(i)c(t)us joh(ann)es ex lye(myng)[en] fil(ius) q(uon)d(am) d(omi)ni jacobi promisit sat(isfacere) (et) war(andizare) sub/
uno dena(r)io bo(n)e mo(n)ete tamq(uam) Insup(er) p(ro)misit d(i)c(t)us joh(ann)es do(micel)[lam] beatrice(m)/
eius filia(m) a(n)nis minor(em) in h(oc) p(ro)sta(r)e cu(m) ad de(bi)[ta(m)] p(er)v(e)n(er)it etate(m) q(uod) iamtu(n)c sat(isfaciet)/
oppend(orp) ca(pelle)[man] ja(nuarii) xiii
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