SAL7319, Act: R°291.2 (2418 of 2904)
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Act R°291.2  
Date: 1425-04-30


2020-08-20 by Transkribus Software
Ite(m) godefr(idus) d(i)c(t)us le cuvell(ie)r de sart p(ro)mis(it) d(omi)no joh(ann)i boxh(oren) militi/
xvi s mod(ios) silig(inis) (et) xii modios fru(men)[ti] cuiuslibet pag(abilis) me(n)s(ure) lov(aniensis) me(dia)[tim]/
ad andr(ee) p(ro)x(ime) [et med(iatim) ad andree seq(uen)s] p(er)sol(vendos) (et) ap[(u)d] lov(anium) delib(e)r(andos) ta(m)q(uam) ass(ecutu)[m] borch(oven) vynck eode(m)
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