SAL7319, Act: R°315.3 (2636 of 2911)
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Act R°315.3  
Date: 1425-05-23


2020-11-04 by Transkribus Software
Ite(m) d(i)c(t)i joh(ann)es (et) mathias vend(iderunt) d(i)c(t)a bo(na) Imp(ositi) joh(ann)es (et) walt(erus) [henr(icus)]/
d(i)c(t)i de roust f(rat)res filii joh(ann)is q(uon)d(am) roust p(ri)us a pane yde eor(um)/
m(at)ris mo(do) de(bi)[to] i ema(n)cip(ati) p(er) Salvo q(uod) an(te)d(i)c(t)a yda in d(i)c(t)is bo(n)is/
h(ab)ebit suu(m) us(um)fr(uctum) q(uam)diu ip(s)a vix(er)it sine q(ua)vis cont(ra)d(i)c(t)ione borch(oven) op(pendorp)/
neth(enen) calstr(is) maii xxvi xxiii=
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