SAL7319, Act: R°80.5 (681 of 2876)
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Act R°80.5  
Date: 1424-09-04


2020-03-29 by Transkribus Software
Item joh(ann)es d(i)c(t)us doncker cled(er)make(r) sartor quit(is)clamavit exp(re)sse add(uctionem) sibi/
f(a)c(t)am v(ir)tute ad do(mu)[m] (et) curte(m) cu(m) p(er)t(inentiis) joh(ann)is greve d(i)c(t)i scryveyn sit(as) apud heverlis/
int(er) strata(m) ibide(m) vroenta(m) [co(mmun)em] ac in p(ro)xim(o) bonis m(a)g(ist)ri joh(ann)is baten lapiscide Recog(noscens)/
se nichil iur(is) cor(am) eisde(m)
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