SAL7319, Act: V°140.4 (1133 of 2876)
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Act V°140.4  
Date: 1424-11-14


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It(em) vill(icus) lovan(iensis) med(iantibus) scab(inis) lovan(iensibus) add(uxit) francone(m) vand(er) lynde(n) carpentato(r)em/
ad bo(na) joh(ann)is de reers de langdorp sit(a) inf(ra) lovan(ium) (et) ex(tra) in domib(us) curt(ibus) t(er)r(is)/
ar(abilibus) p(ra)t(is) pascuis (et) suis p(er)t(inentiis) univ(er)s(is) att(inentibus) pro de(bi)[to] illo vide(licet) ii[c] cor(onarum) fran(cie)/
aur(earum) in q(uo) (Et) h(ab)uit q(ue)rel(as) ca(pelle)[man] wante no(vem)[br(is)] xiiii/
Item eod(em) mo(do) ad mo(bili)[a] pro d(i)c(t)o de(bi)[to] cor(am) eisd(em)
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