SAL7319, Act: V°166.4 (1397 of 2911)
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Act V°166.4  
Date: 1424-12-11


2020-05-01 by Transkribus Software
Ite(m) arnold(us) de bossuyt joh(annes) droeve m(u)ltor eg(idius) lax m(u)ltor/
(et) joh(annes) stockart m(u)ltor recog(noverunt) ind(ivisim) do(micel)[le]le kat(harine) ux(ori) walt(er)i/
roelants duos mod(ios) silig(inis) pag(abilis) me(n)s(ure) lov(aniensis) a(n)nue pens(ionis)/
ad concept(i)o(n)is ma(r)ie p(er)sol(vendos) (et) ap[(u)d] lov(anium) Et pot(erunt) red(imere) a co(n)cep(ti)[o(n)is]/
p(ro)x(ime) inf(ra) duos a(n)nos a(n)nos med(iantibus) xx cor(onis) fran(cie) Q(uo)d si no(n) ad pig(nus)/
sit(um) inf(ra) leuca(m) val(ens) duo iiii[or] Et t(antu)m (Et) p(ri)m(us) calstr(is) wa(n)te/
dec(embris) xi
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