SAL7319, Act: V°24.4 (223 of 2898)
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Act V°24.4  
Date: 1424-07-11


2020-05-24 by Transkribus Software
Item vill(icus) lov(aniensis) med(iantibus) scab(inis) lov(aniensibus) add(uxit) elis(abeth) rel(i)c(t)am (christ)iani/
q(uon)d(am) ymbrechts ad om(n)ia (et) sin(gu)[la] bona mo(bi)lia d(omi)ni wil(he)lmi/
ymbrechts d(i)c(t)i erlebouts p(res)b(ite)ri ubicu(m)q(ue) locor(um) sit(a) (con)sist(unt)/
aut quocu(m)q(ue) no(m)i(n)e censean(tur) pro de(bi)[to] xx libr(arum) grossor(um)/
tur(onensium) veter(um) in quo vyncke wante julii xi
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