SAL7319, Act: V°271.3 (2278 of 2903)
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Act V°271.3  
Date: 1425-04-16


2020-10-03 by Transkribus Software
It(em) wil(he)lm(u)s marien d(i)c(t)us sweev(er)s de steenb(er)gen in p(ar)roch(ia) de weeve(r) recog(novit)/
se debe(re) wil(he)lmo d(i)c(t)o hekerlinc centu(m) cor(onas) fran(cie) aur(eas) ad mo(nitionem) d(i)c(t)i wil(he)lmi/
no(m)i(n)e (et) ad opus mense s(an)c(t)i sp(irit)us s(an)c(t)e g(er)trud(is) lovan(iensis) p(er)sol(vendas) tamq(uam) ass(ecutu)[m]/
ca(pelle)[man] wante fe(r)ia s(ecund)[a] post q(ua)si mo(do)
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