SAL7319, Act: V°278.2 (2340 of 2903)
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Act V°278.2  
Date: 1425-04-21


2020-09-26 by Transkribus Software
Item joh(ann)es d(i)c(t)us diederix f(ilius) theod(er)ici q(uon)d(am) diederix recog(novit) [d(omi)no henr(ico) hag(ar)t investito de oplynte(r)] henr(ico) absoloens/
iudoco absoloens wil(he)lmo vand(er) hofstat soro(r)io p(re)d(i)c(t)or(um) p(re)d(i)c(t)i joh(ann)is/
ar(noldo) lobbe joh(ann)i vand(er) haert f(ilio) q(uon)d(am) goessuini iiii[c] l(i)b(ras) gr(ossorum) tur(onensium)/
veter(um) Et p(re)t(erea) fa(mu)[lu(m)] (con)d(uctum) opp(endorp) w ca(pelle)[ma(n)] eode(m) s(ibi)ip(s)i
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