SAL8138, Act: R°130.2 (194 of 415)
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Act R°130.2  
Date: 1469-01-12


2021-10-27 by Christine Vanthillo
It(em) de vors(creven) coenrard(us) (et) ka(thari)[na] e(ius) uxor in p(rese)nc(ia) p(ro)mis(erun)t d(i)c(ta)m/
do(micel)[la(m)] ka(thari)[na(m)] (et) e(ius) [alia?] bo(na) o(mn)ia (et) sin(gu)[la] subpigne(r)ata p(ro) p(re)d(ict)a corona fran(cie) he(re)d(itarii)/
cens(us) indempn(em) penit(us) (con)s(er)va(re) (et) r(e)leva(re) (et) on(us) eund(em)? ex p(re)d(i)c(t)is cor(onis) binis?/
d...[o?] p(er)solv(ere) Et t(antu)m cor(am) eisd(em)
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