SAL7319, Act: R°222.6 (1872 of 2881)
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Act R°222.6  
Date: 1425-02-01


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It(em) henricus [de middeldorp] d(i)c(t)us gombrechts pe(n)nifex promisit wil(he)lmo d(i)c(t)o colve/
vi cor(onas) fran(cie) vide(licet) x pl(accis) pro una cor(ona) co(m)put(atis) [levis pond(eris) p(ro)nu(n)c (commun)it(er) in bursa c(ur)rent(is)] ad nat(a)le d(omi)ni p(ro)xim(e) p(er)sol(vendas)/
tamq(uam) ass(ecutu)[m] sub band(one) xx placcar(um) d(omi)no duci oppend(orp) wante febr(uarii) p(ri)ma
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