SAL7319, Act: R°317.3 (2650 of 2911)
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Act R°317.3  
Date: 1425-05-24


2020-11-05 by Transkribus Software
Ite(m) vill(icus) lovan(iensis) med(iantibus) scab(inis) lov(aniensibus) add(uxit) joh(ann)em d(i)c(tu)m lves texto(r)em lini ad do(mu)[m]/
(et) curte(m) cu(m) suis p(er)t(inentiis) p(re)d(i)c(t)i dyonisii sit(as) in vinealist(ra)ta int(er) bo(na) wil(he)lmi vand(er)/
vuere(n) (et) henr(ici) woyts necno(n) ad o(mn)ia (et) sin(gu)[la] a(li)[a] bo(na) p(re)d(i)c(t)i (et)c(etera) ubicu(m)q(ue) (et)c(etera)/
pro d(i)c(t)o de(bi)[to] cor(am) eisde(m)/
Ite(m) eode(m) mo(do) add(uctus) est ad mo(bili)[a] p(ro) d(i)c(t)o de(bi)[to] cor(am) eisdem
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